I provide immigration-related legal consultancy to corporations, their employees, members of their governing bodies as well as to their family members. I assist my clients with relocation to the Czech Republic as well as abroad.

Thanks to my thorough knowledge of the labour and corporate law, I can make a comprehensive assessment of your situation and select the most suitable immigration and legal structure. In cooperation with tax advisors (upon your request), I will also elaborate on the subject of tax obligations.

What can I help you with specifically?

Are you a third-country national?

  • Schengen visa for stays up to 90 days
  • Long-term visas and permits for stays over 90 days
  • Employee card
  • Blue card
  • Secondments to the Czech Republic
  • Permanent residency
  • Citizenship 

Are you an EU/EEA national (excluding CZ)?

  • Temporary stay
  • Permanent residency
  • Citizenship
  • Secondments to the Czech Republic

Are you a Czech national?

  • Mediation of contact or coordination of obtaining respective immigration-law permits in the destination
  • Permanent residency in the destinationCitizenship of the destination
  • Secondments to the destinationPermanent residency in the destinationCitizenship of the destination
  • Secondments to the destination

How will I assist you?

  • I will prepare a schedule of individual steps and a list of necessary documents
  • I will help you procure documents (including apostille and superlegalisation)
  • I will communicate with the authorities on your behalf (except for cases requiring the applicant’s personal presence)
  • I will help you obtain the certified translation to the Czech language or the language of the target country
  • I will help you fulfil the notification obligation when commencing and terminating employment